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Back to School Good Habits

Back to School Good Habits

It feels like it was only yesterday family and friends gathered outside for the clear skies and warm sun, indicating the beginning of Summer. Whilst today we find ourselves preparing for the return of autumn leaves, seasonal coffee flavors, and most importantly getting the kids back into their regular school routine.  

It has been a tough year for children, parents, and teachers. Having to adapt the standard routine in the time of the Corona Pandemic, to maintain the children's education. From online zoom classes to class bubbles, the students will finally return to school in a way they haven’t done since the outbreak.  

Although majority of the restrictions have been lifted, it is vital to practice healthy habits; and to educate children on the importance of it. By implementing healthy habits into your child's daily routine, they grow an awareness that reduces the risk of both catching and spreading germs.  


Good Hand Hygiene 

A helpful way to start is by practising good hand hygiene. It is common to come into contact with germs on a daily basis, especially when your child is playing with others. They are probably not even thinking about bacteria when they are touching their own faces. By educating children on the importance of, and when they should wash their hands and use hand sanitiser; they will recognise the need to do so by themselves in the future. A useful method to encourage children to wash their hands is by singing a song such as the ABC's. By incorporating a fun activity into a daily habit, your child will find the process an enjoyable experience; thus creating motivation to practice the habit regularly. 

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Good Bedtime Routine 

For children to accomplish their days effectively, it is important that they maintain a positive bedtime routine. A crucial factor of that is keeping consistent. Setting a time where they get ready to bed, to having the lights turned off, and eventually waking up in the morning at a suitable time. The consistency not only creates a sense of security but also teaches them on how to fall asleep by themselves. Good bedtime routines reduces the chance of children being fatigued and temperamental, and gives them a better chance to perform well at school.  


Good Relationship Between Parents and Staff 

By building relationships between parents and staff, you create a support network for your child. This presents a safe space not only at home for your child but also at school, especially should a situation occur where either you would need to consult staff or the other way around. With clear communication and collaborating as a team, you both contribute to providing your child a valuable education. To accomplish this outcome it is important to initiate contact almost instantly, as well as maintaining it consistently. 


Good Knowledge of symptoms for Anxiety and Stress 

There are many contributing factors that can cause anxiety and stress in children. From academic pressures, and bullying, to significant changes within the family. All of which can take a toll on their mental health, and cause them to display actions of emotional and physical distress. To be able to help, it is important that you are aware of and are able to spot the symptoms. Thereafter it is essential for you to know how to actively help your child respond to the stress both at home and at school. Provide a safe space, and listen to them. For more advice we recommend visiting your GP, or calling the Young Minds' free parent helpline on 0808 802 5544.  


Having children carry out these habits will overall help them grow up in a happy and healthy environment. Not only will the habits help prevent illnesses but also promote a healthy wellbeing which positively contributes to their mental health. It may also be worth remembering that your  child's habits start with you.  


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