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Embracing The ‘New Normal’

Embracing The ‘New Normal’

As the two-year anniversary of England's first lockdown approaches nearer by the day, we reflect back to those first months of uncertainty. What felt like constant changes in regulations and a never-ending feeling of despair, we came together as a nation united to fight the deadly virus. 24 months, 3 national lockdowns and an outstanding vaccine rollout later, we have adapted our ways to coincide alongside Covid-19. 

The pandemic has provided us with opportunities to better our society. In what is now known as ‘The new normal’, we have seen great advancement with technology; establishing methods to reduce the spread of bacteria. Businesses have altered their structures to hybrid or remote working. Above all the public have discovered that they do have the ability to take action should an epidemic occur, as well as the knowledge to not lose hope.  

Despite the government's plan to lift all restrictions, we need to recognize that the virus has not disappeared. It is essential to continue taking the relevant actions to reduce the rise of positive cases. 

Some of the actions you can choose to take are to: 

  • Practice maintaining good hygiene and a clean environment. 
  • Continue to wear masks in spaces which ask you to do (public transport & supermarkets). 
  • Take a test before visiting an area with vulnerable people present.
  • Consider getting vaccinated against Covid-19. 

We recommend creating a hand care routine to be used regularly. Though lathering soap and water work to trap and remove germs, it is beneficial to carry hand sanitiser for when there is no access to hand wash. Sanitisers with 70% alcohol content have been scientifically proven to kill over 99.9% of germs, ideal for people with on-the-go lifestyles. Applying a gentle moisturizer after using hand sanitiser will keep your hands feeling smooth and prevents dry skin.  

Though Covid hasn’t fully left us, it is vital to keep spirits high whilst working in global solidarity. Furthermore, acknowledge the accomplishments made to enhance societies progress.  

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