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From Bundles to Bottles, and Bouquets

From Bundles to Bottles, and Bouquets

Introducing ‘Personalitise’ our new personalised hand sanitiser service

Vital Life are excited to announce that we are expanding our offer with the launch of our new website and the bespoke service that allows consumers and businesses alike to create their own unique personalised hand sanitiser and bottle.

Created to meet the increasing demand for a personalised product that makes the ritual of sanitising your hands a fun and enjoyable experience – the service is perfect for gifting, parties, and events of all sizes, from Valentines Day to birthday parties, weddings, and even company conferences and branded promotional gifts.

Offering an industry first level of personalisation – our 3-tier customisation allows you to build your own unique product and package.

With our user friendly website you can create a bundle to suit any occasion, large or small, bespoke bottle label design and even choose from a wide range of luxury fragrances. With this level of flexibility we cannot wait to see the results as our customers unleash their creativity!

We do however realise that not everyone has the time or resources to dedicate to creating personal works of art, so we have also put our design team to work to create an ever-growing selection of themed ranges containing beautiful, comedic, and professional designs, suitable for any occasion that you could think of, each with customisable text. Be it a corporate event, or a celebratory extravaganza, you will find the perfect hand sanitiser to accompany your occasion.

A clean design, personalised and sanitised – welcome to Personalitise.

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