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Keep Safe Keepsake

Keep Safe Keepsake

Now that restrictions have lifted on weddings and there is no limit to the number of guests allowed to attend, with measures in place; Personalitise is here to help you prepare for your big day in style. 

As part of latest Government rules wedding venues and organisers can face hefty fines of up to £10,000 if they do not consider the risks of large gatherings and do not, conduct a proper risk assessment and put safeguard measures in place. So not only do our personalised hand sanitisers provide the perfect wedding favours, they are also an essential part of keeping everyone safe and abiding by the latest Government guidelines. 

Whether you are a venue who is excited to open your doors to more people or you are a bride/ groom preparing for your long-awaited nuptials; let us take the stress of sanitisation off your hands with our Keep Safe Keepsakes. 

Times have changed from the days of cakes, decorations and themes taking priority. Now that the world has moved on, hand hygiene is at the top of the list. Let us help you keep yourself, your family and your guests safe with our beautiful personalised hand sanitisers that also make the perfect keepsake.   

In order to compliment your wedding theme and colours, we have a variety of stylish Wedding Hand Sanitiser designs that you can fully personalise with your names, dates and 9 fragrance choices, such as Rose & Jasmine, Strawberry Sorbet, or keep it neutral with our unfragranced formula. Already have a theme, but can’t find a match? Why not use our handy ‘Make it your own’ service and upload an existing design or get creative and design your own! 

Whether your big day is modest and intimate or you’re embracing the lifting of guest limitations and going all out; we can cater to events of all shapes and sizes with our handy bundles – we also provide wall-mounted or stand dispensers to set up in key locations. With your big day in mind, we have created these bundles to suit all types of events and parties, you can find those here. 

We continually add new and professionally designed Wedding Hand Sanitisers to our range - you can find all of our beautiful bottles on the Wedding and Events section of our Personalitise website here:

Keep your guests safe now with a keepsake for later!  

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