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Vitality for all, starts right here.

Vitality for all, starts right here.

Vitality for all, starts right here.

Sometimes a little goes a long way. It’s certainly true of hand sanitiser, where a few squirts can mean the difference between staying safe, or a trip to hospital. As a brand that believes in vitality for all, we want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy life with confidence.

We do all we can to keep prices low, even when product shortages threaten our supply chain (can you believe the UK actually ran out of plastic bottles at one point?), and have supplied nurses at NHS hospitals with thousands of bottles. 

But we wanted to do more. 

We’re lucky enough to be able to make our own hand sanitiser, right here in the UK. So at the height of the first coronavirus outbreak, when the shops ran out of sanitiser, and there were empty shelves in the chemists, rather than see people go without, we stepped up. 

Free hand sanitiser for Sun readers.

We reached out to The Sun newspaper and offered 25,000 of their readers a 50ml bottle of our hand sanitiser, worth £1.50, absolutely free. All they had to do was register on our website – we even paid for delivery. 

The offer ran in the paper on Saturday 23rd May, and we were overwhelmed by the response – so too was our website, which crashed at one point and we had to take orders by phone instead.

The 25,000 free bottles were snapped up in no time, and while we had a few disappointed readers who missed out (we gave them a money off coupon to make up for it), those who secured a bottle were over the moon, especially those who’d been trying for weeks to find some in the shops.

Here when you need us.

We’re a new brand, so we were delighted not just to be able to help people get their hands on a hard-to-find essential, but to experience the product we’ve spent so long perfecting. The high alcohol content, and refreshing cucumber fragrance went down a storm with people used to using some of the harsher products on the market, and we’ve been thrilled to see people come back to our site to order more. 

More than a one-off, The Sun giveaway reflects our attitude to the community, and we’re busy exploring exciting new ways to give back, while promoting health and wellbeing for all.

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