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Vital Life Hand Sanitiser - Made in Britain

Vital Life Hand Sanitiser - Made in Britain

We commissioned an independent survey in April 2021 to investigate consumer preferences around hand sanitiser. We found that 4 out of 5 consumers would prefer to buy a Hand Sanitiser made in Britain*.

We are extremely proud to say that we are part of the Made in Britain organisation, which flies the flag for British manufacturing and promotes British made hand sanitisers. All of our hand sanitiser products are Made in the UK and all of our sourcing and manufacturing are done within a local proximity for a more flawless process and to minimise Environmental impact.

In basing our Head office in the heart of Blackburn, we are able to hire and support local communities and promote British employment. Not only are we protecting the country through hand hygiene, but we are also protecting British industry and jobs. 

As we are based in Blackburn, we’ve endeavoured to work with other Lancashire based businesses. Our packaging and recyclable hand sanitiser bottles are produced by companies that are also part of the local community.

Furthermore, our production facility is based 5 miles from us in Darwen, Lancashire where we mix the hand sanitiser, bottle it and label it, ready for consumers and retailers.

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*Source VYPR April 2021. 204 respondents, 161 showed a strong preference to purchase British made hand sanitisers over those manufactured outside the UK.

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