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Vital Life partners with ViacomCBS

Vital Life partners with ViacomCBS

100% British hand sanitiser Vital Life partner with ViacomCBS Consumer Product to produce licensed PAW Patrol and Baby Shark products

A Lancashire based health supplements supplier is helping the nation’s children adapt to the 'new normal' by producing affordable hand sanitiser in conjunction with ViacomCBS Consumer Products, for its Nick Jr’s Baby Shark and PAW Patrol brands.

Back in March 2020, Lancashire’s Vital Life quickly acted on the huge global demand for hand sanitiser and traversed from working on health supplements to concentrate on producing, bottling and bringing to market a gel with a difference.

Just nine months since that inaugural batch left the factory floor and made its way to frontline health workers, Vital Life is embarking on their biggest venture yet with ViacomcBS Consumer Products.

The PAW Patrol range is a quick drying gel that comes in 3 fun fragrances and colours: ‘Bubblegum’, which is a blue colour gel, ‘Strawberry’ – which is a pink colour gel and ‘Fruit Burst’ – which is a yellow colour gel. PAW Patrol is the UK’s biggest pre-school brand and was the number one selling license brand for pre-school toys in the UK since 2016.

The Baby Shark range features a vibrant blue coloured gel with a Blue Raspberry fragrance. Baby Shark launched on YouTube in November 2015 and took the world by storm, amassing 7.1 billion views, becoming the most-watched video in the platform’s history and attracted over 19,000,000 views during lockdown for its ‘Wash Your Hands’ song. 

The new product range developed specifically for children is made with 70% alcohol, gentle on the skin and kills 99.9%* of bacteria and germs. Both brands are available in two child friendly sizes: a 50ml small grab bottle with a handy disc cap and a 250ml pump dispenser and have an RRP of £1.49 and £2.99 respectively.

Vital Life has the capacity to produce up to 120,000 bottles of sanitiser a day, will produce PAW Patrol and Baby Shark branded gels in the UK, which will be available from mid-December. 

Saimina Adam, Director and Founder of Vital Life said: “We were delighted to partner with ViacomCBS’s and introduce our new range of licensed children’s hand sanitisers, for two of the UK’s biggest selling pre-school properties. Our efforts in being transparent, ethical and a British brand creating new job opportunities, as well as our work with local and national charities, held us in high regard.” 

Having secured its own supply of ethanol (base sanitiser product) so they can produce their product here in the UK and not rely on foreign imports. With Brexit commencing at the end of December this year, Vital Life will not be adversely affected with any transportation issues or product shortages due to their value supply chain being 100% based in the UK.

Vital Life initially introduced three new ranges that incorporated scents: ‘Active’ that comes in Refreshing Cucumber, Zesty Lemon and Energising Grapefruit, a ‘Floral’ range with a hint of colour and scented with Orange and Bergamot, Rose and Jasmine, and Lavender and Geranium. And finally, the Family range that comes in Strawberry Sorbet and Baby Powder aromas.

Starting in March the team first provided NHS Trusts with 42,500 100ml units, and donated over 1,500 units to Age Concern, small businesses, local charities, hospices, churches and care homes.

All sanitiser ranges including Baby Shark and PAW Patrol are available here.


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